Rabbit (Drow Guide)

Name:  Rabbit
Birth Name: Riia’Triss’ylene Arab’und
Race:    Elf, Drow                             

Class:  Handmaiden/Ranger            
Alignment:   Chaotic – Good
Background:  Ex-Drow Hunter/Gloom Stalker (elves/humans)

Physical Description
Age:  137 appearance  (435 real)
Gender:  Female
Height:  4’10”
Weight:  95lbs
Eyes:   Blue
Skin:   Fair, rarely tanned.
Hair:  Brownish black, with the occasional dye jobs in streaks or total coverage.
Overall Physical Description: Rabbit stands approximately 5’3″ and weighs less than 100lbs. Her dark hair goes down to her mid back, and she usually has that hair behind her ears.

She has intensely blue eyes, a broader then normal nose for drow (or elves in general). She tends to wear browns and blacks, but seems to eschew wearing all black as “pompous”. Her Lolth tattoo is on her neck, it peeks out of some shirts she wears. 

Personality TraitsI change my mood or my mind as quickly as I change a key in a song.
Ideals: Beauty: When I perform, I make the world better than it was. (Good)
Bonds: I would do anything for the other members of my old troupe or my group
Flaws: A scandal prevents me from ever going home again. That kind of trouble seems to follow me around.
Misc Traits: No longer associated with the Drow underworld.

Langues and Other Proficiencies:  Common, Undercommon, Drow, Elvish, Gnomish, Dwarvish, Orc, Abyssal, Deep Speech and Infernal

History uncovered by group: Rabbit’s Ritual Memories


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