I am Alluvian Aelrindel Shaundyl Elenren ne’Surana, third born of King Aeceran Elenren the Golden and Queen Aluria Naeryndam Elenren, the Peace of the Forest. My brothers are Nesterin Hachaam Elenren first born and heir to House Elenren, Artherien Glorion Elenren the Beloved and Keyleth Galanodel Surana, the rightful Surana heir.

My older brother Nesterin has asked me to write him of each of my dreams or fits. He says this may help clarify what I see, and allow me to put the emotion to the paper and thus remove it from my soul.

I think he worries about me too much, I am not a flower that can be trampled.

He has asked me to send these dreams and the images in my fits to him, and the rest of my family including Luke Morthos, a more sensible than the rest older brother . My brother Jack Tar… such a silly name for him to parade around in when we all know that isn’t his name. My other sisters Rabbit and Te’Teh, and of course my beloved sister Keyleth. I hope Keyleth doesn’t mind about me taking her name ‘in service’. Nesterin told me to ask her first, but I think she will understand. She needs others to take that name, and I think by taking it first I can help direct people in that direction. Oh and there is a new person, a gnome named Reginald. It has yet to be decided if he is family.

My fits and dreams came with me as a child, but went away a long time ago. I never thought anything about it myself. I would sometimes dream about my brothers, or parents but never anything too bad. Mostly about Glorion and Nesterin getting in trouble or fighting.

The dreams have come back and changed. My mother tells me it is because I am becoming an adult, but it will take a long time. No one thinks its a foretelling, I don’t see the future. I can’t predict something, at least not normally. However, I can sometimes dream about things that happen, when they happen and who they happen too.

Like I said, Nesterin asked me to write about it and send the letters out. He gave me a small stone to think upon it and once I send the letters it will allow me to forget. I don’t want to forget everything, so I will keep copies of everything I write, after all someone has got to keep track of the Silken Fist stories.

I don’t think Nesterin realizes how much writing I am going to have to do. At least he gets to pay for the post.

In Love,



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Silken Fist Symbol

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Here is the logo provided by Luke 🙂

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Alliances (correspondance)

a letter from Luke in response to Nesterin’s update on Artherien’s departure


Thank you for writing back. I feel much relieved that Key has an ally with the court. The world we move in does not prepare us for the skills necessary to navigate such an environment. I have no doubt in time, Key will become skilled as she does with all her endeavors. 

I am troubled that your sister is scared of Artherien. Did she say anything specific? She was in tune with him when we were there, and I can’t help but wonder if something happened with him that frightened her. Let’s just say his problem solving toolkit always seemed to come back to his anger. 

If you need any help in all of this, just tell us what we can do. Sadly, we are not skilled enough to attempt to get into the Underdark just yet. It’s on our list for our quest, but not until later. Hopefully we will have learned more, and be less likely to die right off. 

I have a stone, but be careful, they can be eavesdropped on. I think letters are actually more secure if you have anything sensitive to impart. 

Thank you again, for writing back. You have put my mind at ease. 

Key does plan to head back to your home city at some point. Perhaps we could trade smiles in person. 

Thank you, 


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Artherian’s Arrival Home (correspondance)

A letter written by Nesterin, the Elenren royal heir to Luke about Artherien and the current elven situation.


Many apologies for the delay in my communications with you. Things have been incredibly busy with the situation that is unfolding with Artherien as I write this letter.

I do wish we had anticipated this more. All of us had assumed a woman might straighten him out, but that turned out to not be the case. I am not surprised by Artherien quitting Corellon. Artherien doesn’t like to put away his own being upset and pride, take for example the Rabbit situation, he never tried to comfort her and instead attacked the men responsible. He has never cared how others truly felt about his actions.

I brought your letter to my parents and after a long meeting we decided to do what we could. We decided to handle him softly, maybe the trauma of becoming an aasimar has been too much. Corellon is a forgiving soul, maybe we can get him on track with that. We decided to find out more about this situation and immediately Anglerond was sent to see Veronwe and ask him of the situation.

Artherien was soon at the gates and his arrival seemed awkward and forced. We didn’t notice anything more than the awkwardness of his normal returns. To be honest, Alluvial saw her brother the clearest. She was almost immediately upset at him and I have to admit I wish we had listened to her earlier. She cannot explain what bothered her about him, but even now she is terrified he will return. You heard me right, she is scared he will come back, not that he won’t come back.

After starting an entirely unnecessary set of dramas with locals, in the name of his true love, Artherien got angry and stormed out of the town. Part of the reason he was upset was that Anglerond went to Veronwe and was “sticking his nose where it didn’t belong”. When he left the city we followed after him, hopefully to find what was bothering him so much.

Sadly we lost him in the forest and even now we are attempting to find him. I am worried he went into the underdark. He always thinks he is immune to being harmed permanently, but I fear if he went there he won’t be able to get back. Anglerond came back during our search and talked with my parents. I haven’t talked to them yet about what Anglerond found, but I am going to join with Anglerond and we are both now taking some of our guard and participating in an expedition into the caves, to see what we can find.

As a side note, think of me as you will, but I am shocked and angered by the treatment of Keyleth. She is his wife, she has been nothing but loyal and even I shiver at the idea of stripping someone’s desire or will. I am grateful that she will stay with the family.

We have already moved forward to secure some of the houses in support of her. We have begun moving in other kingdoms and cities of elves with the same idea in mind. I will ensure she gets as much support as she can. I realize she won’t trust me, nor would I ask her to. However, she is the true queen of our people and I will do everything I can to support her.

I have recently picked up a stone, I am learning how to use it now as we speak. I absolutely am looking forward to speaking to you about more enjoyable topics. I am not saying I miss your presence at all, but I do think the day might be brighter if I saw your smile.

Talk to you soon, and hopefully about something that will leave us happier and more satisfying,


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Keyleth’s Journal – “Into the Desert” (journal)

Keyleth’s Personal Journal Entry (10/06/18) for “Grave at Dakhla”

We had an exciting couple of weeks. It started with Jack’s sister. She came to us during breakfast one morning and told Jack that because he was her sister he needed a better boat(or something like that). She offered to trade our boat for one of hers. I don’t know anything about ships, but Jack said the ship she wanted to give us was better than the one we had. I think that one of the reasons she wanted our ship was to draw in the rest of Black Mane’s entourage, including his wife. We told her that the ship seemed to draw trouble like bees to honey. She didn’t seem to be bothered by that. So we made the trade minus our figurehead.

After that we all separated for a bit. Rabbit said she had an errand, Jack went with his sister to facilitate the ship transfer, and we needed horses so Te’Teh and I went to buy horses for our trip into the desert and one as a gift to the Anfauglir Roch Tura. We all met back at the inn later in the afternoon. Rabbit had come back from her errands with a bag of gifts for us. Jack got an arm band that helped him while casting spells. Luke got a tiger figure like the elephant that we bought a while ago. The tiger is much better, he could stay out for longer and he can call him more often. Te’Teh got a ring ‘to help keep her alive’. I got a tattoo that holds my moonblade. It can never be taken from me, and I can call it into my hand with a thought. So we all went and got tattoos. On top of the one for my sword, Jack, Rabbit, Luke and I got the company logo as well.

We spent the next half week taking care of details. Luke got barding for both the beasts. Rabbit went over my purchases, and Reggie helped Luke barter to upgrade the elephant so he can do everything that Lukes tiger can do.

We headed out to the outpost for the Order of the Band where we picked up our guide Amber. We spent the night there and headed into the desert in the morning. Reggie pulled a pretty spectacular spell out of his back pocket. It was a dome that kept out everything, including a majority of the heat. It would also keep us safe.

A few weeks into our trek into the desert we finally met with the Anfauglir Roch Tura. We were met by a scouting party on the outskirts of their territory. After a bit of persuading and the gift they agreed to take us to their camp that wasn’t very far from the ruins. Reggie was terrified of the horses, a predicament that we will need to remedy, either with a smaller horse or just more time in the saddle. Anyway, they gave us a tent a bit away from the rest of the camp and told us to wait. They sent in a young girl that asked us to give her a bit more detail as to why we needed to go into the ruins. We told her all about the Temple of Gusi and all the other places where we have encountered the darkness that is trying to push through. We told her that we were trying to stop it. She said that she would report back to her elders and get back to us. A while later their Water Speaker came to talk to us. We each told him about ourselves and after that h agreed to let us go into the temple. He said that there had been some thunder and lightning around the temple. It turned out to be a blue dragon.

Luke had the brilliant idea to lace a cow with sleeping potion and feed it to the dragon. I will not go into detail how the potion got into the cow. We snuck up to The the sleeping dragon and let the cow loose. She leapt up, grabbed the cow…. and dropped it into the pit with her two babies… at least we didn’t have to fight all three at once.

In a stunning turn of events, we each dealt her a series of heavy blows and took her down. I think Sekmet was with Luke because someone had to be looking out for us. I took care of the sleeping babies, who just happened to be nestled around the sarcophagus we sought. Reggie meanwhile, cast a spell that let us find the rest of the dragons horde. We were able to recover the ‘key’ we were looking for and rebury its guardian. Luke laid a blessing over everything when we were finished. Reggie also recommended that we take the dragon back and sell it for it’s components. We gave one of the babies to the tribe, and took the other two with us.

We are eager to start our journey home. I think after a few last minute errands are completed we will board our new ship and start the journey home.

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Grave at Dakhla (adventure log)

Adventure Name: “Temple of Dakhla”
Brief Description: The group rested and prepared in Port Said where Luke found how to temporarily release Rabbit from the heart. Jack received a gift from his sister, and Reggie seemed accepted by Keyleth.

The group journeyed out into the desert with Abner the guide and met the Desert Horse Masters and were escorted to the Temple. They defeated an adult blue dragon and her two young children with a bit of trickery and absolute devastating attack to retrieve the Key of Beletili.
Date: October 6, 2018

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 3,500xp (each)

Still to be provided by Jack in his list

Locations: Temple of Dakhla, Port Said

Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Adult and two young blue dragons (see Monster Manual)
  • Members of the Adad tribe, Sand Clan Desert Horse Masters

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

Brief Adventure Description:
The group prepared for their trip into the desert. Arianne Stormwife, someone people suspect is Jack’s sister offered to trade the “Regal Courtesan” for the group’s ship. They agreed since it was a better ship and transferred everything they needed from their original ship.

During this time the group did the following things in Port Said:

  • Keyleth purchased supplies including a rare Desert Horse for the elven locals in the desert.
  • Luke received a letter from the library about Rabbit and how to free her.
  • Reggie started proving himself by providing small services
  • Rabbit gave each of her friends a gift, a tiger figurine updated to Luke, a tattoo to hold her sword to Keyleth, a bronze bracer that helps Jack with lightning and thunder, and finally a small heart shaped ring to Te’Teh “to help her stay alive”.
  • The group upgraded their elephant to become a figurine with similar abilities to the tiger.
  • There is still some disagreement on what the tiger cost Rabbit, but she insisted it was nothing.
  • Luke then used the ritual attached to the letter to free Rabbit at least temporarily, he then disconnected the contract. Rabbit is now under her own free will for the first time in almost 40 years.

The group then traveled out of the city with a guide named Abner. There they found Reggie’s ability to summon a hut they could sleep in that is regulated temperature and environment.

They met with the Desert Horse Masters and after some discussion were able to convince them to proceed on after giving the gift horse. They meet Neeshaan el-Kamal, Nadiyya al-Baksh, Laaiqa el-Mohiuddin (the young elven girl in the tent) and finally Hamdi al-Shaheen the water speaker.

They found out that the temple/grave was the living area for an adult blue dragon. They successfully had implanted a cow with an overwhelming amount of sleep potion to knock the dragon out.

They released the cow and found horror that the dragon snapped up the cow and dumped it into the pit/gravesite with her two children who consumed it and went unconscious. Not realizing they had been poisoned/knocked out the mother dragon went back to sleep.

The group snuck up to the dragon (successfully) and unleashed a single round of combat with all involved inflicting 226 hit points of damage in one pass through, slaying the 225 hit point dragon outright.

They then found Nanshe’s grave, found the key and put back everything else in her tomb. Luke sealed it with a prayer and then the group ransacked the dragon’s hoard resulting in the amount listed under Jack’s report.

Notes: None

Downtime Activities: 8 weeks (still to be received from players)

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Port Said (location)

Symbol of Port Said

Name: Port Said
Location: Coast of the Khemet Lands
Purpose: Main port into Khemet Lands
Condition: Center of commerce and trade.
Surrounding Places of Note:

General Appearance: A large bustling port city, with almost a third of the trade between the Khemet lands and the Northern lands going through it. 


A port city located in northeastern Khemet, at the northern end of the Tulagi Canal. It also constitutes the bulk of the urban muḥāfaẓah (governorate) of Būr Saʿīd. Situated largely on man-made land, the city was founded more than 3,000 years ago officially on a low sandy strip separating the Trade City Sea from Lake Buḥayrat al-Manzilah.

Mud and sand dredged from the harbor and huge quarried stones capable of resisting saltwater action were added to the strip; its breakwaters were completed in 2,000 years ago. The city was named after the leader Muḥammad Saʿīd, who selected the site of the town. Consisting initially of a grid-pattern Northern Land’s quarter and a native Khemet sector, the town early established its cosmopolitan character.

The outer harbor, 570 acres (231 hectares) in area, was carefully designed so that its two protecting moles, or breakwaters, prevent coastal currents from silting up the canal. The main channel is 2.5 miles (4 km) long, flanked by open basins. To house workmen of the several huge dry docks built a new quarter, now named Būr Fuʾād (Port Fuad), was built opposite the city proper on the eastern shore between the canal and the eastern extension of Lake Buḥayrat al-Manzilah.

There are numerous old houses with grand balconies on all floors, giving the city a distinctive look. Port Said’s twin city is Port Fuad, which lies on the eastern bank of the canal. The two cities coexist, to the extent that there is hardly any town centre in Port Fuad. The cities are connected by free ferries running all through the day, and together they form a metropolitan area with over a 500,000 residents that extends both on the Khemet and the Carthage sides of the Canal. The only other metropolitan area in the world that also spans two continents is Kokand.

Port Said acted as a global city since its establishment and flourished when it was inhabited by various nationalities and religions. They coexisted in tolerance, forming a cosmopolitan community. 

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