Temple of Ninkasi (location)

Name: Temple of Ninkasi (goddess of beer)
Other Names: The Gentle Repose of Ninkasi
Location: Oenoe (current day Sikinos, Greece)
Purpose: Main temple of the ancient goddess Ninkasi and sister of Tsovinar.
Condition: Ruined temple
Surrounding Places of Note:

General Appearance: Long abandoned by the worshipers, this temple sits alone atop the newly formed volcano. Continue reading

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Salkya Almaealij (npc)


Salkya High Priestess of Sekhmet

Quote: “Come in child, let us feed you.”
Race:    Human

Class:  Cleric/Assassin (Sekhmet/House of Knives). High priestess to Sekhmet at the Temple of Umilta.
Alignment:   Chaotic – Good
Background:  Criminal
Spouse/Relatives: Adopted mother to Luke and Te’Teh.

Physical Description
Age:  67
Gender:  Female
Height:  5’4″
Weight:  175lbs
Eyes:   Brown
Skin:   Dark tanned
Hair:  Brown and Grey
Overall Physical Description: Salkya appears at a distance a diminutive woman, wrapped in a robe or some kind of cloth pulled around her. Her vestments are colorful, woven in with trinkets given to her by worshipers in the Warren.

Up closer her piercing, watchful eyes give a different story. She is confident in all surroundings, not fearing for her safety even in the warrens. She always has a smile, a small bag of coins to give to those in need, and often toys or candy to hand to children.

The most notable trait though is the cats that seem to always be around her. Ranging from small housecoats, to large alley cats to an occasional larger cat that has wandered into Kokand. They are always watching her, waiting for food or a kind word.

Personality Traits: I am tolerant of other faiths and respect the worship of other gods.
Ideals: I always try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost..
Bonds: Everything I do is for the common people.
Flaws: The people who knew me when I was young know my shameful secret, so I can never go home again.

Langues and Other Proficiencies:  Common, Undercommon, Drow, Elvish, Multiple Human languages, Gnomish, Dwarvish, Orc, and Infernal


All that is known of the younger Salkya, is that she was imprisoned for murder and theft by one of the local tribal sultans near Khmet. She somehow avoided the headsman’s axe and was released, disappearing for three years.

Salkya came back as a full priestess three years later, having traveled the desert. Her demeanor is said to have changed from an angry, bloody and violent youth to someone with a lot of patience.

She went to the lead temple, the House of the Body in Abydos and confronted the small remnant of priests for Sekhmet. They had fallen to charging for their services, holding slaves and claiming it is the will of their goddess.

After a brief power struggle, Salkya had won her position. However, instead of taking her place at Abydos, or even the other two newer temples she traveled to Kokand. She wished a new start, a new people to heal and give the gifts of Sekhmet.

For more than the last 35 years Salkya has headed the Kokand temple (and the religion in general). She is well known for her kindness, generosity and wise words. It should be noted that she has made enemies in Kokand in the past. The business of healing the poor for free intereferes with other lords revenue. However, she has always come on top, with no one really understanding how she maintained her position, eventually most of those enemies tithe to her temple as well.


Salkya is the personal chosen priestess of Sekhmet until her adoption of Luke, which she now shares that privilege with.

Born in Khmet she spent her childhood supporting her family on the streets. Eventually to make money she worked up in the assassin’s guild, supporting her family and friends and allowing them to become doctors and successful merchants. In the end though her family cast her out for being an assassin.

Focusing on her career as an assassin, Salkya rose the ranks and was proficient at her craft. She eventually was betrayed however and barely escaped with her life. While wandering the desert she came across an old shrine of Sekhmet and found her goddess. She changed her life and has spent the time since then trying to atone for what she had done.

As she entered the priesthood however she found women were not allowed to rise in rank, and that the high priests weren’t very faithful to Sekhmet. After a dispute she left the priesthood in Khmet and went to Kokand were she started the Umilta Temple and adopted Luke. Over the last 25+ years she has grown the temple as one of the most blessed by Salkya. With Luke’s help in recent years the temple itself is approaching rivaling some of the greater temples that have not fallen.

She still treats Luke like her son, along with Luke’s family and anyone that comes to her for help.

Salkya Almaealij otherwise known as Salkya the Healer is considered the high priestess of Sekhmet. Having served the goddess since she was released from prison for theft and murder when she was 27.

No one is sure why she started following Sekhmet, or even more confusing why Sekhmet accepted her as a high priest. The story of how they two found each other is not told by anyone except Salkya, and she has told less than a handful.


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Alluvia Elenren of House Elenren (npc)


Name: Alluvia (Alluvian) Melinai Elenren
Quote: “I know what you did”
Race:    Elf, High                            

Class:  Sorceress (Divine Soul/Oracle)          
Alignment:   Chaotic – Good
Background:  Noble
Spouse/Relatives: Sister by adoption/family to Keyleth Blood related to Arthurien (Glorion) and Nestrim . She is also sister by marriage to Luke. She is also engaged to Night Scale.

Physical Description
Age:  82
Gender:  Female
Height:  6’1″
Weight:  115lbs
Eyes:   Green
Skin:   Fair
Hair:  Golden with a lock of white hair (the golden hair is often dyed in same tradition as Rabbit’s).
Overall Physical Description: Alluvia is a slender high elf who goes from overly quietly to loud and bawdy depending on her mood and who she is around. She can be seen walking around in the company of a tall warrior woman who seems to dote on Alluvia’s every word and command.

The piercings and blindfold that Alluvia wear are the most striking thing about her. Having received it from her time around Rabbit after the kidnapping she underwent, the piercings seem to be a way she uses to rebel against her position as future Queen of the Kingdom of Arborlon.

The blindfold itself is the most obvious, used to keep her from too much stimulus as she can get visions if she is too excited, stressed or upset. She appears to get around just fine with the blindfold, and it does appear that sometimes she uses it as part of her holding court now that she is starting to take over courtly duties to aide her father.

Personality TraitsDespite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood.
Ideals: It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me. (Good)
Bonds: I will face any challenge to win the approval of my family.
Flaws: I has a tell that reveals when she is lying.
Misc Traits: While still kind, generous and caring she has developed some darker traits after she was kidnapped and held by the god Mori. She can have flashes of anger, or inappropriate sensuality, but that has faded over time and the care of Luke, Keyleth and Night Scale.

Langues and Other Proficiencies:  Common, Undercommon, Drow, Elvish (and multiple dialects), Gnomish, Dwarvish, Orc, and Infernal

Alluvian Elenren was born the youngest child of Aeceran Elenran, the Golden and Aluria Elenran the Beautiful. The youngest sibling of Nestrim Elenren and Artherien Elenren the Betrayer she has served as the family’s peacemaker.

Her mother Aluria, in a desperate bid to save Alluvia’s aunt from oblivion, was used her pregnancy with Alluvia in a ritual to try and save Aluria’s sister’s soul.

Not fully successful, Alluvia inherited her aunts soul, but instead of it being the original sister reborn, Alluvia was born as a different girl, but with Aluria’s sister’s precognition/oracle abilities.

She has been plagued by the ability to see terrible things that are going on at that time. She isn’t an oracle specializing in the future, she sees the present. Many of the things she saw involved the group itself. In order to cope

Alluvia is a kindly elf, one who was born into power and aristocracy but who doesn’t take it as seriously as her brother Nestrim, or her newly adopted sister Keyleth.

Alluvian was captured along with her bodyguard Nightscale during her coronation ceremony by Mori, the giant demigod and presented to Orcus as a bride. After spending more than a year in confinement she underwent some transformation.

She was rescued by the group and brought back, and slowly with their help overcame her problems and is handling her PTSD fairly well. She is now happily living at Keyleth’s manor, engaging in training for her position and dating Nightscale.

Alluvia is close with her other brother Nestrim now and his spouses Luke, Rabbit and Ragnar. She often goes to Luke and Nestrim for help with issues concerning her people and herself. She keeps most of the issues with her however to Luke specifically since Luke is able to look past her being his youngest sibling.

Alluvia is currently engaged to Night Scale, a dragon she fell in love with. There is talks they will get married soon, but that has not yet occurred.

Being an Oracle:

Alluvia is an oracle who can see what is currently happening, the more horrible the more likely she will get visions of it. This gift was her aunt’s and when her aunt was killed, Alluvia’s mother got pregnant with Alluvia and tried to summon Alluvia’s aunt’s spirit into Alluvia.

This was only partially successful. The summoning gave Alluvia the power of Alluvia’s aunts visions of what is occurring. This has recently started to manifest regularly, caused by Alluvia seeing something physically and it causing a vision. The thing she sees doesn’t usually have to do anything with the vision and no one has yet figured out why the visions happen and how to control them. Although it is noted her visions tend to happen to involve people she is closer with.

Her visions have become even more strong, and sometimes are of the future (but this is incredibly rare) after she was kidnapped by the god Mori and kept as his bride for more than a year in her time.

This is the reason for her blindfold, most of the time the visions are kept at bay if she keep her eyes covered. The other way she copes with the visions since she can’t verbally communicate them easily is by putting together dioramas of what she is seeing. There is a room in the manor that is dedicated to this and people can often go into the room and see new dioramas that are put together, or are in the process.

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Nestrim Elenren of House Elenren (npc)



Name: Nestrim Atalian Elenren
Quote: “Maybe we can make a deal…”
Race:    Elf, High                            

Class:  Fighter (House Noble/Politician)          
Alignment:   Chaotic – Good
Background:  Noble
Spouse/Relatives: Married to Luke and Rabbit. Brother by adoption/family to Keyleth Blood related to Arthurien (Glorion) and Alluvia Elenren.

Physical Description
Age:  107 
Gender:  Male
Height:  6’3″
Weight:  165lbs
Eyes:   Blue
Skin:   Fair
Hair:  Golden
Overall Physical Description: Nestrim stands a slender and tall figure. Usually decked in noble clothing of silk and linen he is almost always impeccably dressed. A sword stands at his hip, belying the weaker noble look he sometimes doubles down on. He has multiple rings on his fingers, a purse hanging off his belt and generally tall fine boots.

He carries himself as if he owns the place, and sometimes appears to not understand how politics works. Both of these are intentional affects he uses to have people underestimate him. Although it should be noted he does know how to wear armor and use the sword he carries, he tends to let his friends and subordinates handle any physical confrontation.

Personality TraitsI don’t like to get my hands dirty, and I won’t be caught dead in unsuitable accommodations.
Ideals: Blood runs thicker than water.
Bonds:Nothing is more important than the other members of my family.
Flaws: In fact, the world does revolve around me.
Misc Traits: Gave up being heir to the Kingdom of Arborlon to his sister Alluvia in order to be the Chamberlain for Keyleth Elenren, the future Empress of the Elven Empire.

Langues and Other Proficiencies:  Common, Undercommon, Drow, Elvish, Gnomish, Dwarvish, Orc, and Infernal

Nestrim was born the second son of King Elenren, of the Kingdom of Arborlon. There he lived a pampered life of a household lord who would eventually inherit his father’s throne since it would bypass his older brother.

Then one day he met an adventuring group traveling with his brother Glorion. There was an altercation with the Cleric of Sekhmet named Luke that ended poorly for him as Luke had commissioned songs about Nestrim that caused embarrassment.

Through a serious of unusual events however, Luke and Nestrim ended up engaged in a game of what they both refer to now as “gay chicken” where they ended up sleeping together. From there a relationship slowly blossomed into the marriage that Luke and Nestrim are in.

Sometime during this relationship blooming Nestrim decided to give up his claim for the Kingdom of Arborlon and instead became Keyleth’s Chamberlain (and he also acts in that position for his sister Alluvia who is in line to inherit Arborlon after the death of her oldest brother and the recusal of Nestrim.

Nestrim now lives with Luke and the rest of the group, watching over them and learning lessons taught to him by Luke and his friends on the common people and the suffering in the kingdom.

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Blank Sheet


Class (Level):                    

Logs/Journals/etc (added as they come in):

  • .

Physical Description: 
Overall Physical Description: 

Personality Traits
Misc Traits: 

Langues and Other Proficiencies:

Roleplay Notes:



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Blank Session Summary


Adventure: January 7, 2018
Date: January 7, 2018
Location: Outside Kokand
XP Earned: 100
Treasure Earned:
1 sword

Party Members Present:
Artherian Glorion Elenren, Elf Paladin
Keyleth Galanodel, Elf Monk
Luke Morthos, Tiefling Cleric
Jack Tar, Human Sorcerer
Jeyya, Human Sorcerer
Rabbit, Drow Thief
Hester Padishah, Orc Barbarian

Monsters/Enemies/Opponents Encountered:

Logs/Journals/Etc Written For This Adventure:
Example 1





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Tsovinar’s Blessing, Trident of the Storm (artifact)

Tsovinar’s Blessing is one of the last remaining artifacts of Tsovinar’s reign of the sea during the first age. Signifying her wrath and protection of her people, the location fo this fell into Sargon’s hands.

Tsovinar’s Blessing

Name:  Tsovinar’s Blessing (Trident of the Storm)
Owner:   Sargon (Jack Tar)

Weapon Type:  Trident (legendary)
Origin:  Seeing the peril her people faced, the goddess Tsovinar had Manuela of the Salt forge a weapon that would be her people’s defender and her wrath.

Venturing deep under the oceans, deeper than any surface dweller had ever wam, the Manuela of the Salt came to the blazing heart of a great underwater volcano. With the aid of Tsovinar, she crafted the trident using Amar-Utuk’s forge, Anbar the Black Forge. With them, she forged Tsovinar’s Blessing.

Armed with the artifact, Manuela returned to the goddess. Her trident ended the attacks on her people and answered the calls for Tsovinar’s Wrath. Later, in the betrayal of Tsovinar and the overthrow of her priests the trident was lost to the seas.


Base Damage:   2d6+3  (see properties below base damage does not include  abilities), with an additional 2d8 when thrown against enemies of Tsovinar.
Dimensions:    12 inch blade, 72 inches long total, 4lbs.
Requires Attunement?:    Yes, 24 hour dedication on the water in a boat.

Magic Weapon

The Trident of the Storm (Tsovinar’s Blessing) is a magic weapon that starts with a 2d6 damage that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. An additional 2d8 happens against enemies of tsovinar. The trident also has other functions that resemble belt of dwarvenkind in granting a constitution bonus only, a dwarven thrower granting the return of the weapon, and a sword of sharpness. The difference is a limb is skewered and removed on a roll of 15-20, not just a 20 when a critical hit is taken.

It is unknown of more abilities come to bear if or when Tsovinar is freed.

Random Properties

The trident has the following properties:

  • Song Craft, whenever this item is used or struck, the bearer hears fragments of ancient sea chanties
  • Waterborne. This item floats on water and other liquids. Its bearer has advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks to swim.
  • Metamorphic. The item periodically and randomly alters its appearance in slight ways. The bearer has no control over these minor alterations, which have no effect on the item’s use.
  • Muttering. The item grumbles and mutters. A creature who listens carefully to the item might learn something useful.

Blessings of Tsovinar

If you are a follower attuned to the trident, you gain the following benefits:

  • You have immunity to poison damage.
  • The range of your darkvision increases by 60 feet (or you gain dark vision 60′ if you didn’t have it).
  • You gain proficiency with sailor’s tools related to navigation, trident and trade (haggling).

Conjure Water Elemental

If you are holding the trident, you can use your action to cast the conjure elemental spell from it, summoning a water elemental. You can’t use this property again until the next dawn.

Travel the Depths

You can use an action to touch the trident to a fixed pool of water and cast the teleport spell from the trident. If your intended destination is in water, there is no chance of a mishap or arriving somewhere unexpected. You can’t use this property again until 3 days have passed.

Destroying the Trident

The only way to destroy the tridentis to melt it down on Anbar The Black Forge, where it was created. 

Sentience and Personality.   It is not known if the trident is sentient, no records remain of this at this point.


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Back to Bhen Tharim (session summary)

Adventure Name: Back to Bhen Tharim
Session Number:   29
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
May 25, 2019
Group XP Earned: 5,000 each

Characters Involved:

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Wayland the Smith (npc)


Wayland is a human variant that lives in Kokand in semi-retirement. He makes occasional art pieces as a smith now, having done all that he set out to do. He started as a wizard many years before, and he kept up in that tradition for decades. He has extended his life, but he is not immortal. At some point in his past he picked up smithing as a hobby, which eventually usurped the place of magical study as a passion.

His only child, a daughter, was devoted to him and helped him in all of his production in his prime. However, he was unable to give over his business to her as he just wanted her to get married and have kids. Eventually Devina left and struck out on her own, taking the skills that Wayland taught her and seeking her own fortune.

He has studied dwarven rune magic, Nihon (Japanese) sword making, Zhonghua (China) craft techniques and some elven use of smithing for their mithril armor. For a few decades his focus on magic and smithing did combine as he learned to use magic while smithing, placing him as good if not better than most dwarven rune smiths, and elven mithril smiths. He is also the least likely to balk at working on anbar.

He would be interested in taking on unusual materials such as anbar, but there are some requirements.

  1. He keeps 10% of everything he makes
  2. Customer provides 100% of ALL Materials, or reimburses him at 120% of the cost.
  3. He keeps the right to refuse or change prices at his whim.
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Sargon’s Redemption (session summary)

Adventure Name: Sargon’s Redemption
Session Number:   28
Ending Game Date:
Out of Game Date:
May 18, 2019
Group XP Earned: 15,000 each

Characters Involved:

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