Keyleth’s Journal – “Consequences”

Keyleth’s Personal Journal Entry (11/03/18) for “Words and Consequences”

I’ve learned my first important lesson in the political arena. Always know who your giving information to. And the follow up would be always confirm your story. I did neither and my sister Rabbit paid for it.

I just wanted to prove to Anglerond that Rabbit was loyal and can be trusted with all of our lives. So I told him all about what Rabbit did in Arborlon to stop the alliance between the elven houses and those of the drow. I had forgotten what group that he belonged to. The one group that could pull my new adopted family from power and kill my new siblings. Even if I screamed to anyone who would listen that it was all my idea and they were all just pawns it would make it worse. From where I sat my choices were kill Nestrim and Alluvian, or kill Rabbit. Two impossible decisions.

Enter Luke. The version of events that he gave to Anglerond was different to what I remembered. Rabbit was sent out to kill just the drow, and she never touched the elves. I was drawing conclusions based off of only half the information. Anglerond, who believed both versions of events told us to come back to Arborlon and talk with Veronwe, who could sort everything out before Anglerond had to file anything official. Luke and Jack fought that but in the end we were all headed to Arborlon the next day.

From this point forward it was made clear to me there are some things that has to happen without my knowledge. So I was asked to leave the room… a lot… I did so because Luke and Jack seemed to be the only ones that could pull me out of the hole I had put myself in and save both parts of my family.

Alluvian was excited to see us and went with us to our audience with Veronwe. I was asked to leave so that Luke and Jack could talk to him in private. When I came back it was decided that Rabbit would need to undergo something called a Sun Ritual. They would hang her from hooks in a clearing under intense sunlight. At night they brought in hot rocks and an awning that simulated noonday sun.

It was the worst thing I have ever had to witness. I deserved every second. If she underwent the torture then she would be free from further persecution. No one could come at her ever. Commoners and nobles alike came out to taunt her and throw things. When the nobles came the Rangers wrote their names down. The nobles threw these little star shaped pieces of stone that burst into flame. We all stayed with her the whole time. Veronwe would come out periodically check on the proceedings. And Alluvian insisted on being there because Nestrim had stepped out of the line of succession. We would need to talk to him about that when this was all over and Rabbit was free.

As it turned out, Veronwe asked us to track down Nestrim sooner rather than later. Luke and I went to find him. On one of the city streets on our way to the keep we were the recipients of an assassination attempt. Luke was stabbed twice and I was stabbed once. We would find out later that the daggers were laced with poison. I was able to grab one and Luke sent his tiger after the other. We released them into the custody of the house guard and they were taken to the dungeons.

We found Nestrim in the keep. He told Luke why he stepped down, but that was a story that my ears weren’t allowed to hear. We went back to sit with Rabbit and wait for her to tear herself off the hooks.

More nobles came, and Jack and Luke put themselves in between Rabbit and their projectiles. I could not do the same due to my status, just one more part of my punishment. While Luke and I were gone, Jack was challenged to a duel with one of the elven nobles. We were all looking forward to watching Jack kick his ass.

Veronwe finally came out and told us that we could cut Rabbit down. He also told us that he and Rabbit had done this to flush out the traitors in the city. My love for my sister knows no bounds. I will spend the rest of my life ensuring she lives a happy life filled with comfort. We took her back to Luke’s rooms and tucked her in. Luke and Nestrim wanted a few hours alone so I sat with Rabbit and she curled herself around me in the bed. I slept…. Luke woke me up when he came back into his room to crawl in bed with Rabbit. I was very disconcerted. I called for Veronwe and he explained to us that this had been happening more and more to elves. I think this is another way that the evil is manifesting on this plane from the other. The darkness is sleeping through. We need to close those gates.

The next day we all went with Jack to face the noble that had challenged him. He had at least 20 of his sycophants in the crowd. I let the Rangers know how many and where they were as Jack started the duel. It devolved quickly. After a few moments the coward sent out a spell that started attacking innocent bystanders and I couldn’t stay out of it any longer. I jumped in and pulled out my sword and took his head. Everything fell apart after that.

Glorian showed up. He was in control of the rest of the enemy elves in the crowd. We charged at him. It was a hard fight and by the end he disappeared into a cloud of ash. We were all spent. Veronwe we told us later that he was a hell knight. He had tied himself to the darkness. The one good thing that came out of this fight for me is that it killed every lingering feeling I had for him. He is the enemy and must be destroyed.

We decided to stay in Arborlon for a few days to rest. That would give us all a bit of time to tie things up before we went home. Lessons learned.

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Words and consequences (adventure log)

Adventure Name: “Words and consequences”
Brief Description: The group had finally settled back into Kokland, when Keyleth in an exchange with Anglerond (see this link) mentioned that Rabbit had killed the elven household and sacrificed them, along with the drow they were working with.

The result was an interrogation, drama and bargaining that resulted in flushing out the bad household members with tattoos of three eyes and revealing Artherien “Glorion” Elenren The Fallen.

Date: November 3, 2018

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 5,000xp (each)
Treasure: No treasure
Magic Items: Bupkis (0)

Location: Elven Kingdom of Arborlon.



  • None

Highlights of Game:

The game started with Luke, Jack, Rabbit and Te’teh concocting a falsehood that was close enough to the truth to bypass Anglerond’s ability to see truths. They aided this with a drought from Te’Teh that allows a person to lie about this (something Te’Teh often has to do if she is caught plying her trade).

They give a convincing story that instead of Rabbit sacrificing the elven household members to Lolth and killing the drow, she had only killed the drow, and the drow had killed the elves. Key unfortunately had not known of the plan or had access to the drought and maintained her story.

Anglerond was bound by his oaths to report both sides. It could be seen he did not want to but he had no choice. He had told Keyleth that when they return to Arborlon he would give up his oath to the Rangers, so this may never happen again.

Luke, Rabbit, Jack and Te’Teh went to the temple of Sekhmet, hoping for some help from Luke’s head priestess and the goddess. Salkya presented Luke with a old, tattered pink ribbon and told him to tell the Elven Priest Veronwe the truth and give him the ribbon.

Everyone returned to Arborlon to attempt and avoid Nestrim being stripped of his powers and the family possibly being toppled. They both presented their sides and Luke presented Veronwe with the ribbon, saying nothing else. Key desperately tried to save her sister, but the group had kept their plans away from Key in fear of her accidentally revealing them.

Some time passed and Veronwe decided what he would believe and do. Sentencing Rabbit to the “Circle of Light”, a place drow are often tortured to death he had her tied up in a sun ritual, claiming that it would be up to Corellon on what Rabbit’s judgment was.

However, he did agree that he would ask no further questions, the result would rest solely on rabbit and the Elenren house would have their name cleared. Rabbit suffered for two days under the sun, and at night lights that shone with daylight were placed next to her, so her suffering could continue.

During this time several elves repeatedly came back out to throw things at her. Not allowing this to happen Jack stood up to the largest elven noble and backed him down. This resulted in a challenge the next day. The whole time the Rangers did not interfere, they merely took notes.

On their way back to the City, Luke and Key were stabbed by cultists with the tattoo of three eyes. Neither one were successfully poisoned, but there were some indignations on some parts.

That night more elves attacked and tried to kill Rabbit, they had been placing flammable items near Rabbit and set her and the area on fire. The group immediately but the fire out and freed Rabbit with Veronwe’s permission. They found the elves they had taken down all had the three eyed tattoo.

The next morning Jack came to the Dueling Square in the city and met the elf named Tandalin. Jack started to soundly thrash the elf when the rest of the elves attacked. A large engagement occurred resulting in Artherien “Glorion” Elenren jumping in to help the elves and an awful fight ensued. The damage on both sides was incredible, Jack’s spells, Key’s blades and Luke’s healing with a sometimes savage spell helped stop Glorion though. The group avoided being defeated by the skin of their teeth, pushing Artherien back who was able to escape.

The elves had been killed or subdued that belonged to the cult, Rabbit had been freed and Glorion had been revealed to have some sort of demonic like wings.

The group subsequently found out that before Rabbit was punished, Veronwe had talked with her and asked if she would undergo the ritual so they could flush out the elven cultists. Wanting to defend her family she agreed.

Notes: None

Downtime Activities: They will have as long downtime as they wish to take.

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Keyleth’s Journal – “Reprieve”

Keyleth’s Personal Journal Entry (10/21/18) for “Reprieve”

I have the best of friends. When we left Port Said we knew that when we got home we would need to take a trip to Arborlon so that I could make sure that my marriage was annulled as quickly as possible. So instead of sailing straight to Kokand, we sailed for the port closest to Arborlon. See, best friends ever!

Nestrim was waiting at the dock for us with a larger than normal escort. He was worried and vague story about Arthurian showing up in towns and disappearing all the people. I think he thought that we may have had some extra information that may help to track him down. We haven’t seen him since we put him in a portal home. Luke made a good point that there is no way that Arth.. Glorian could have orchestrated any of this on his own. He has to be either possessed by something or affiliated with someone that is calling the shots. I would have to agree.

We were met at the city by Alluvian. She was most excited to see us. It’s nice to have a little sister. Being an only child I never got to share the camaraderie that comes with having siblings. She took us to the king and queen, who told us in a bit more detail what Glorian had been up to. They said that Aglerond had been tracking him without much success. He had gotten close a few times, but was never able to catch him. I asked that he be brought back to the city and be assigned to me as my personal guard. It was a bit selfish on my part. I figure if I’m going to have to have a guard anyway, he may as well be someone I find attractive. She said it would take a few days, but she would send for him.

Alluvian took us to see her carvings while Luke and Nestrim went off on their own. What she showed us was a bit of a shock. All of her carvings were of scenes of things we had done. Let me be clear, none of us had spoken to her in months at this point. She knew details that we had not even taken notice of. At some point Luke and Nestrim came in. They must have been talking about what we were seeing because they were not surprised. I suggested that maybe Alluvian needed to speak to Veronwe in the forest. She definitely wasn’t interested in learning from a cleric or mage. I’m not sure they could have taught her anything anyway.

Nestrim came to me and offered to be my Speaker. Which means that as houses come to talk or barter with me he will take care of that. He will do the majority of the political maneuvering so that I don’t have to. A very good thing since I’m currently terrible at it. He said there would be things that I would need to have plausible deniability for. I went along with it. I lived to regret that decision within 24 hours.

We had a bit of down time before the ritual so I went off to meditate, and I’m not sure what everyone else did. The annulment ritual was long and turned into an adoption ritual right after. By the time it was done everyone’s eyes were glazed over. Nestrim pulled us aside after and asked me how I wanted my household organized. Which meant that everyone got some sort of title. Rabbit proclaimed herself my handmaiden. I’m still not super comfortable with that. Jack and Luke became my advisors, and Te’Teh… she is sneaky. Nestrim immediately started pulling Rabbit aside. Neither one of them would tell me what was going on other than it was something that I needed to be able to deny knowledge of.

We spent a pleasant evening. Rabbit left at a certain point and there were comments about her gearing up for something. It was pointed out to Nestrim that Alluvian would probably dream about whatever Rabbit was about to do. At that point he left and came back with a glass of wine that was obviously laced with something ‘to make her sleep’.

In the morning, Alluvian knocked on my door. She was terrified of what she thought she had done. I bundled her into my bed and she told me in exacting detail what she had dreamed about. She was convinced that she had done the deed herself. I was fuming. I settled her in my room with one of her maids and stormed out to nail Nestrim balls to the wall.

The whole castle was in an uproar because Alluvian had snuck out of her rooms, so he wasn’t in his room where I thought he would be. I found him in the hall and decided that I would lay down the law once. So we set of to Luke’s room gathering the others along the way. Rabbit was curled up in Luke’s bed, as much the worse for wear as Alluvian was. The sight of her fueled my anger. I let both of them know in no uncertain terms that I was -never- to be left out of any decision making process ever again. This is not the type of queen I want to be. What happened was brutal and cruel and the two people it hurt the most were my sisters.

Appropriately chastened, Nestrim said that we needed to march out to the scene of the crime and let everyone know how outraged I was. This was Nestrims reason for not telling me, he wanted my reaction to be authentic. I had no trouble in that arena. I will not go into detail other than to say that it was horrific. It will be an image that I can never get rid of. We went to the northern gate and inspected the impaled bodies of the drow party that were the emissaries. Yes, the houses in question to which Rabbit so brutally murdered their members were trying to form an alliance with some of the drow houses from the underdark. I understand why all of this was done, to stop that alliance from forming, but I despise the methods. Things will never happen this way again.

After all that unpleasantness we went and had lunch. I had no appetite, but Te’Teh made up for my lack. About halfway through Aglerond came in dusty from his long ride back. To cap of the day, he brought back a piece of one of Glorian’s wings and told us that he had recovered it after watching my ex husband cut them off as he was growing in a much leathery pair to replace them. One more stone on my heart. What made him go so far, so quickly down the left hand path?

We returned to Kokand by gate the next morning. I dislike gate travel. We went to Sohban’s. Luke had found out that some of his employees had been taking advantage of Nightscale, by selling her the cattle that should have been delivered to her island for free. Sohban assured us that the problem had been dealt with but didn’t go into more detail. He presented us all with gifts of friendship. Jack got a necklace of San dollars from his newly found goddess, Luke got a set of reed pipes that were his mothers, I got an earring that belonged to someone in house Surana. The land for our house has been purchased and builders are getting started as we spoke. The dock was well underway and Nightscale had been constructing a break water for us. Of note is the fact that her scales have lightened ever so subtly. We are having a positive effect on her.

So we are finally home, for awhile I hope. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it here until I left and came home. There’s no place like it.

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Reprieve (adventure log)

Adventure Name: “Reprieve”
Brief Description: The group finally arrives in Arborlon. They spend the next week having an annulment for Keyleth and discovering Keyleth’s sister has some sort of gift of true sight. She doesn’t seem to see the future, just things as they happen. More political drama unfolds with impact on the group.
Date: October 21, 2018

Characters Involved:

XP Earned: 2,200xp (each)

Still to be provided by Jack in his list

Locations: Arborlon, Kokand

Monsters/Enemies/Opponents/New Friends:

  • Drama… 
  • Nesterin and his and Keyleth’s sister Alluvian.

Related Logs/Journals/etc:

Brief Adventure Description:

The group arrives in Arborlon, getting some needed rest and background info from Nesterin. Keyleth asks Nesterin to help with the things that need to be done and she shouldn’t know.

Two elven households and a drow raiding party are allying themselves. Nesterin seeks to stop it so he asks Rabbit to do her thing. She agrees so as to protect Keyleth from any intrigue involving Drow.

The end result, a bunch of dead elven nobles and a bunch of drow. An unknown side effect though was that Alluvian saw everything from Rabbit’s point of view. The group works out the drama and then returns to Kokand to sit and talk with Sobhan who offers to help with what appears to be more elven politics in Kokand itself. The group decides they will stay in Kokand for awhile.

Notes: None

Downtime Activities: No real in game downtime.

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I am Alluvian Aelrindel Shaundyl Elenren ne’Surana, third born of King Aeceran Elenren the Golden and Queen Aluria Naeryndam Elenren, the Peace of the Forest. My brothers are Nesterin Hachaam Elenren first born and heir to House Elenren, Artherien Glorion Elenren the Beloved and Keyleth Galanodel Surana, the rightful Surana heir.

My older brother Nesterin has asked me to write him of each of my dreams or fits. He says this may help clarify what I see, and allow me to put the emotion to the paper and thus remove it from my soul.

I think he worries about me too much, I am not a flower that can be trampled.

He has asked me to send these dreams and the images in my fits to him, and the rest of my family including Luke Morthos, a more sensible than the rest older brother . My brother Jack Tar… such a silly name for him to parade around in when we all know that isn’t his name. My other sisters Rabbit and Te’Teh, and of course my beloved sister Keyleth. I hope Keyleth doesn’t mind about me taking her name ‘in service’. Nesterin told me to ask her first, but I think she will understand. She needs others to take that name, and I think by taking it first I can help direct people in that direction. Oh and there is a new person, a gnome named Reginald. It has yet to be decided if he is family.

My fits and dreams came with me as a child, but went away a long time ago. I never thought anything about it myself. I would sometimes dream about my brothers, or parents but never anything too bad. Mostly about Glorion and Nesterin getting in trouble or fighting.

The dreams have come back and changed. My mother tells me it is because I am becoming an adult, but it will take a long time. No one thinks its a foretelling, I don’t see the future. I can’t predict something, at least not normally. However, I can sometimes dream about things that happen, when they happen and who they happen too.

Like I said, Nesterin asked me to write about it and send the letters out. He gave me a small stone to think upon it and once I send the letters it will allow me to forget. I don’t want to forget everything, so I will keep copies of everything I write, after all someone has got to keep track of the Silken Fist stories.

I don’t think Nesterin realizes how much writing I am going to have to do. At least he gets to pay for the post.

In Love,



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Silken Fist Symbol

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Here is the logo provided by Luke 🙂

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Alliances (correspondance)

a letter from Luke in response to Nesterin’s update on Artherien’s departure


Thank you for writing back. I feel much relieved that Key has an ally with the court. The world we move in does not prepare us for the skills necessary to navigate such an environment. I have no doubt in time, Key will become skilled as she does with all her endeavors. 

I am troubled that your sister is scared of Artherien. Did she say anything specific? She was in tune with him when we were there, and I can’t help but wonder if something happened with him that frightened her. Let’s just say his problem solving toolkit always seemed to come back to his anger. 

If you need any help in all of this, just tell us what we can do. Sadly, we are not skilled enough to attempt to get into the Underdark just yet. It’s on our list for our quest, but not until later. Hopefully we will have learned more, and be less likely to die right off. 

I have a stone, but be careful, they can be eavesdropped on. I think letters are actually more secure if you have anything sensitive to impart. 

Thank you again, for writing back. You have put my mind at ease. 

Key does plan to head back to your home city at some point. Perhaps we could trade smiles in person. 

Thank you, 


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